Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Based Business: Solution for you?

Verizon Layoffs from Kevin Johnson on Vimeo.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby boomers join online businesses in droves

Having a system is the key to a lucrative home based business opportunity

As more companies adjust to the current economic environment, not only are they laying off but they are changing the terms of their pension plans.

Baby boomers facing retirement are now faced with a double whammy.  Their company pensions are now gone and the value of any outside investments that they may have had have plummeted.  To say that many are nervous about retirement is an understatement. 

Many with very little time to go until their "so-called" golden years now realize that they will not be able to retire and enjoy life.  For that reason, many are joining online businesses in droves.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Layoff announced today


CEO Ivan Seidenberg said on the company's quarterly earnings call Tuesday that it will slash about 13,000 positions in 2010.  The telecom giant previously cut 13,000 jobs from its landline business in 2008 and another 13,000 again in 2009.

Verizon's total headcount at the end of 2010 was nearly 223,000, with 117,000 employees in the fixed-line business.

The layoffs will not be specific to any geographic area, said Bob Varettoni, a Verizon spokesman...

If you are a Verizon employee, sadly you know that tune all to well.  RIFs, layoffs and job cuts should be no big surprise in 2010.

When I was a Verizon employee, every 6 months it was the same thing.  The same game of duck and cover.  Waiting to find out if you get to play a game of musical chairs with your fellow employees.  You know, round and round you go and the last one standing goes home wondering how they are going to pay their mortgage.

So you have to ask yourself, are you going to continue to wait until you get tapped on your shoulder and told to go home to work on your resume or are you going to fight?


So here are your choices:

  1. You can take your chances.  Maybe you will get laid off or maybe you will get to keep your J.O.B (just over broke for those that don't know).  If even you get  laid off, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones and will find a job right away.  But do you want to gamble with your family's security that way?
  2. Begin your own work from home business and secure your family's future no matter what happens
If you decide to do nothing and stick your head in the sand, good luck to you.  Just remember that Verizon is not really looking out for you and it offers no real security.  Their loyalty lies with the major shareholders.

 However, if you are looking for a lucrative home based business opportunity to replace your current income you literally have hundreds of choices and hundreds of products.  Most of the opprotunies that are out there are good.  Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a the right work from home opportunity:

What is the product?
Is it something that people would be interested in, is it a popular item? Is the product that is being offered better or at least compatible with other like products out there, both in price and quality?

What is the leadership doing?
Will the leadership teach old methods like the making a list of your friend and family.? Or are they teaching you to market using the latest techinuques to attract prospects to you?

How is the pay plan?
Most direct marketing companies use some type of pay plan that pays on multiple levels.  If you think about it, it is no different at Verizon.  You have multiple layers of people working on teams and all levels of management above you get paid from your efforts.  All the way up to Ivan.  The difference with a home based business is that you write your own perfomance review and determine your own paycheck.  Most of the more progressive pay plans have a method for you to help others  by putting people on other people's teams with no penalty.  A matrix and a binary pay plan do that.

Training and follow up
Does the company offer training and follow up?  Just like your on the job training, training in your new home based business venture isn critical to your sucess.

How much to get started?
Are the start up costs affordable for you?  Will you have ongoing costs that you will have to cover every month like product purchases, monthly quotas and websites?

So in a nutshell, preparation beats surprise.  If you would like information on a home based business that requires no retailing, no lotions, potions or autoship.  The customers are provided by the company and new technology will allow you to profit from the customers, click on the link below.

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